Our Philosophy

We believe in providing quality childcare and educational experiences for rural preschool tamariki (children), in a safe and homely environment.  Every child will be greeted by a friendly face and be treated with respect; they will be praised and encouraged in all that they do. We aim to empower tamariki to grow up as confident and competent individuals, being proud of their achievements and developing their curiosity for life!

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Our Vision

To have a sustainable early childhood service in a friendly homely environment that provides caring, genuine and meaningful experiences to children and the families that attend.

We Value

  • The children – they are the future of our great country
  • Parents as their child/ren’s first teachers, therefore we value parents’ comments and contributions
  • The early childhood teachers who spend their careers reflecting and improving their caring and teaching skills

Our Objectives

  • Maintain a quality childcare and preschool centre that caters for rural families
  • Employ and support a team of suitably qualified teachers and carers, who are passionate and committed to their roles
  • Work alongside parents to ensure the best planning for their child/ren’s needs and interests

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Dunsandel Childcare & Preschool